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Founder and president Mr. Abdur Razzaq was born in Sylhet on 7/7/1984, Bangladesh. His primary and secondary education took place at Al-Emamd High School & College Golapganj, Sylhet. He came to Dubai in 2014, then he start the business at Chondorpur & Dhakadakshin. He is also a social worker, a sports fan Passionate about education, and a politician. Mr. Abdur Razzaq went on to run his own successful business for 9 years. He is married with one child. He took the initiative to establish a humanitarian organization, under whose leadership he established Gopalganj Disability Development Welfare Organization on 1/1/2022.

One of the easiest ways to receive the Creator’s help in your life is to help others. If you help people, you get help from the Creator in your own work. All people in the world are not equal. Some people are born with physical defects. Some are disfigured or have physical problems due to an accident after birth. They are commonly referred to by people as disabled.Since its inception, Golapganj Handicapped Development Welfare Organization has been taking effective initiatives to improve the quality of life of the disabled people and to alleviate the poverty of the disabled people and to improve their quality of life. , Golapganj Disability Development Welfare Organization was established with the aim of implementing and managing target-based planned activities by providing education and training. People with disabilities are an integral part of human society. They are our family members. Let’s embrace disabled people without neglecting them. Let’s all come forward with their support.

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